Saturday Feature – Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band 2

Guitar Hero : World Tour  Vs Rock Band 2

It’s a choice that all gamers will stumble over upon entry into the rhythm based gaming genre. Who’s better, Who’s best?

For our Saturday Feature this week we will give a rundown of what sets these legends of rock gaming apart and everything you’ll need to get set on the road to ROCK PARTY PARADISE.

Rock Band: Band in a Box – £97.89
Guitar Hero: World Tour – £136.95

Guitar Hero: World Tour – Guitar Bundle £54.98
Rock Band 2 – £39.99
Guitar Hero World Tour – £24.99

Guitar Hero III – £22.99

AC/DC Live: Rockband – £24.99

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Graphics : The background band animation of Guitar Hero World Tour looks dated and at times clunky next to Rock Band 2. The score charts are what’s important though and both have a distinctive style which you prefer is down to you. We still find Guitar Hero charts easier to read, but it’s what we grew up on!

Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band 2

Character Creation :  Hands down Rock Band 2 wipes the floor with World Tour’s face.  In GH’s corner is old favourites from the previous games to select and play, aswell as Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Hayley Williams, Travis Barker and a couple others. But we aren’t swayed by celebrity endorsement and think it’s more important to create your own fantastical rock legend then play as somebody else.

Instruments : A tough one to be definitive on, our favourite guitar is still the GH III Les Paul on Wii. The biggest bone people pick over is the drums. Both drum kits will be noisy, you are hitting something with a stick stupid. Rock Band is more a *Clack Clack* and GH is a *Thump Badump*. But you should have the volume turned up so much you can’t hear either, so who cares!  GH has cymbals, but these are not the ‘omg crazy realistic’ deal-breaking feature some reviews make out. You’re still whacking rubber. The Rock Band 2 instruments are not yet released in the UK, these will allow you to add cymbals and be ‘quieter’.  Both sets of instruments do the job just fine.  Our setup is Rock Band Drum Kit and Vocals, a RB Guitar and a GHIII Guitar.

Here is a great chart of what instruments work with each game

Setlist : For us, this is the deal breaker, which setlist do you prefer? Wikipedia both and read through the full setlist. What appeals to you more? Our opinion is that Rock Band offers a far more diverse and satisfying setlist then the rather forgettable setlist that appears on World Tour (Minus the 3 TOOL tracks and ‘Beat It’). We suspect they are saving the heavier songs for the Metallica expansion, maybe even saving the best licences for DLC so you have to pay.

If GH:WT made it possible to import the GH:III setlist to World Tour for band play it would be able to compete with Rock Bands setlist.


Future Expansion : Rock Band 2 allows you to import the songs from Rock Band 1, AC/DC Live, and has a very impressive catalogue of music available as DLC. From full albums, to single songs and selected track packs. Guitar Hero World Tour is bringing out Guitar Hero : Metallica which will add a new bass kick to the kit allowing for Joey Jordison double bass kicking beats. Mmm nice. But as yet it’s DLC can’t compete with Rock Bands list that has built up over time.

Price :

Rock Band Instrument Pack (£97.89) – Rock Band 1 (£38.99) + Rock Band 2 (£39.99) will set you back £176.87 on Amazon, but will set you up for a very long time and give you a mammoth sized set list of 149 songs

Guitar Hero World Tour is available for £136.95, giving you all the kit, the game, and 86 song setlist. In addition, at the moment you can get a free Guitar Hero: World Tour PS3 Les Paul Wireless Guitar Controller when you purchase the band bundle on PS3.

OR you could opt to buy guitar only bundles, which are available for £54

A must buy for anyone is Guitar Hero III (£22.99) or £69.95 with guitar which is the perfect entry game into the world of rock gaming.

Verdict: We believe the Rock Band franchise has too much going for it’s setlist for GH:WT to be able to compete, but it really is going to come down to personal opinion on all fronts. Taste in music, taste in kit, taste in visuals… It’s Beatles Vs Elvis, Metallica Vs Megadeth, Tupac Vs Biggie,  Mac Vs PC, Xbox Vs PS

The answer is with you.

So give us your opinion in the comments below.


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4 Responses to “Saturday Feature – Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band”

  1. Ciabb64 says:

    For me its clear that Harmonix are the winners here.

    Since GH3 the series has went down hill because Neversoft just cant make music games the way Harmonix can. They can make games, but basically just copy what has already been done by Harmonix. Guitar hero 3 was basically no improvement apon what Harmonix had already done in 1 and 2, then World Tour, which again ripped off the ideas off Harmonix. However its lacking, the polish, and the overall feel that Harmonix achieves because they live, sleep, eat and breathe music games and have done for the past 10+ years.

    In terms of Graphics, Rock band is far superior, the interface is much smoother, the animations are more fluid and the art style is fantastic, GH:WT just looks awful in comparison.

    In terms of features, I feel that Rock Band is again ahead, not only do all the features work well, but the online works extremely well as well, with the daily challneges set by Harmonix for bands to compete in, which adds a whole level of community involvement. I’ll give G some bonus points for releasing a feature on its own which wasnt taken from Harmonix, which is the Music studio, however it seems a bit half done, and some of the sounds are awful, so I dont feel its enough of a plus to give it the edge.

    Setlists for both games are good, but again Rock Band excells due to its depth and variety, theres something for everyone. I mean Rock band alone including all DLC and transferrable to RB2 songs has more songs on it, than the entire GH series, thats including (GH1,2,Rock the 80’s,GH3, GH:A, GH:WT and the 2 DS games and all the DLC between them – I didnt include duplicate songs though)

    Out of the box I’d say GH:WT has the better drums, bot Mics are on par, and the Guitars are debatable, personally I prefer the RB Fender, it has a quiet strum, and the frets allow for some easy sliding. I also have the Ion Premium Drum Kit, which I’d reccomend to anyone, its by far the best drum controller for either games.

    Overall I feel Rock band wins, not only due to its massive setlist, but the overall experience which is executed so well by Harmonix, meanwhile Neversoft will continue to trail in their shadow

  2. mysongska says:

    GH outsold Rock Band 2 to 1… so THERE!

  3. Ads says:

    You’re quite right! I forgot to mention this in the article and note in relation to it, when was the last time you saw a Rock Band advert? On TV, posters…

    GH World Tour has massive marketing muscle behind it, and celebrity endorsement, leading to its increased sales.

    If more people knew just how good Rock Band was, it could be a different picture, but i’ve never seen an advert on TV even once.

    GH is the product that gets pushed.