Guide: Get into Rock Band!


Want to get into Rock Band? Confused by all the options?


Rock Band Drums only £16.99

Band In A Box (Guitar, Mic, Drums) – £59.99

Rock Band 1 – £16.39

Rock Band 2 – £29.99

Buy both games and get yourself either the Band In A Box (all instruments) or the drums (bargain price!), Guitar Hero guitars work with Rock Band if you have them already.

Why buy Rock Band 1 aswell? Because you can import all but 3 of the songs from Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2, giving yourself a doubley awesome and epic set list to choose from.


Additions :

Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

The Beatles Rock Band – Game Only

AC/DC Live: Rockband

Love the Beatles? Wanna rock to AC/DC? You can buy these additions to the series, and play them from the disc or import them to your HD for use in Rock Band 2, growing your setlist even further.

The best thing about Rock Band? The huge, and I mean, HUGE catalogue of DLC, songs you can download for a small price to then be part of your game. Which includes full albums, track packs or single songs. Take a look at that long list.

This is simply THE game for any music lover, anybody who ever harboured a desire to be in a band (that’s everybody isn’t it?), it works for parties, with a friend, or on your own. If you’re tempted. Just buy it. You will not regret it.

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